Sunday, July 4, 2010

My blog is threatened.

What the fucking hell!

after I knew there is a guy who translated my blog into his language.

NOW, there is another man who read my blog.
You know who is he? yeah, i bet you don't. He is my mother friend (and i think not just a 'friend'), but I guess he is such a wanker.

this morning, my mom said, "Alfi, did you wrote about my bad into your blog."
Me: "yes, I did" with bravely.

My mom: "I know what did you write on there from my friend, he told me everything."

OKAY, Do you think it is sucks? yeah, hell, totally SUCKS.

and now, I don't have pleasure by blogging anymore. They came into my territory ( i mean my mom and her friend).

I don't know where else I have to write my thoughts. I know its all my fault, writing my personal life in Internet, but I'm doing this just for a place to share. I mean, I don't have really friends who I could speak to,
just only blog all my thoughts are heard. thats it! period.

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