Wednesday, December 30, 2015

About the dream last night

There is nothing special, really, in sending each other "Good night - sweet dreams" messages. It is like saying "Good morning" every day to the first person you meet in the morning, right?

And, what about last night?
So, I found a poetry book, titled "Love and Misadventures". It's really a great book. I really love it. And I couldn't stop reading it. 

Until I found a poem titled "A Dream", it says: 

“I had my first dream about you last night. 
Really? She smiles. What was it about?
I don't remember exactly but the whole time I was dreaming, I knew you were mine.”

I wished you read this book together with me, so you know how was my feeling last night. 
Then I got message from you, and I said I wish you had sweet dreams, and you replied if sweet I'll dream about you. My breath stopped for a while. Then I continued reading the book.  

A couple hours later, I went to bed. I fell in a deep sleep. 

I got a dream last night, but I'm not sure exactly. But I will tell you anyway. 
So there was a giant who lives in an old high tower along the coast. It was winter, it was cold, but not too cold for winter. There were a lot of people standing outside the tower, the view was like The Battle of the five armies, from The Hobbit movie. And there were only 20 people could go up to the top of the tower for meeting the giant. One of the participants was a girl. A little girl. I can't recognise her face. The tower was so high, and she was left behind, and the others reached the top already. As soon as they reached the top, they started screaming and running to downstairs. 

The little girl didn't understand what  just happened until she reached the top and finally met the giant. 

There was nothing special about the giant. He didn't look any more scary than she thought. And why were people screaming seeing him? 

So, he greeted her. And there began their conversation. They had a good one. A deep one. Like, they already knew each other  for a long time, and now they were catching up.  Maybe it feels weird, the little girl suddenly got butterflies on her stomach. She doesn't understand why. She felt sad for the giant, She felt sad having to leave him alone in the high tower. 

From one of the windows on the top, she looked down. The crowd was getting bigger and bigger, they could have destroyed this tower, they are all waiting to meet up with the giant. And suddenly she remembered that she left her father and her partner in the crowd, and she was worried couldn't find them anymore. So she said goodbye to the giant. 

Their eyes met for a while, until the giant started to speak. He spook something sweet.  and it felt right, at that moment. The giant said "I'll remove all the memories of all the participants who has been to the top, except you. I won't do that to you, so you can have this memory of us" Then she ran downstairs, and met the other participants, and they were asking if she remembers anything from the top, and she said no. 

And she couldn't find her father and her partner. She walks along the coast alone, she couldn't remember anything else beside what happened in the tower. And that memory keeps playing in her mind, again and again. 

and then I woke up. That was it my dream last night, how about yours?

*photo credit to: weheartit

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