Sunday, August 15, 2010

hoi, there is a douchebag guy at Rektorat UI

Okay, I couldn't sleep well if I haven't tell you about this guy. I wont let myself sleep before write about him.
Its not important, but I need to.
Maybe I'm rude, but who cares?

few days ago I'd met his douche-bag guy , oh no, no, I mean a wanker. okay whatever he is..
I've met this guy coincidentally while I was going to Rektorat UI with my friend, Irna. He was with some foreigners, and two of his guests are my Polish friends, Daria and Bartex. I said "Hi" to Daria, and she introduced me to this guy. So, that was how I know him. My first impression of him was weird, I don't know why, I just felt I dont like him somehow. At first, I haven't yet found any signs that he's a bollocks. Later, I knew that he is a staff in Rektorat UI who handles the purposes of foreigners who want to study at UI. Okay, who the hell he is, I don't care.

BUT, after he disturbed me with some calls in the middle of midnight, I started to hate him. Actually, I don't hate people in daily basis, the only thing I hate is a cat. period. I just feel annoyed with him. am I wrong feeling this way?

First call, at, while I was watching romantic-silly movie on laptop. Guess what was he said? the guy, "Alf, I've met Mike, your friend. and blablabalabla..." He was BFLOBS (Big Fucking Loud of Bull Shit). Hello?? it was already night, and he talked about something unnecessary. Why he didn't call me in the morning??? I wish I could shout out in the phone, "Hello, sir, do you have attitude??", but I didn't. :(

Second calls, at the other day, still at, while I was half to sleep. This time he only wanted to talk about Mike, my American friend. He told me he called Mike. And Mike told him his taking bahasa privat lesson which costs Rp175K. (actually I already know this, since I was the person who helping Mike to find his tutor).
Do you still think this is important topic to talk about in the middle of the night? no, no at all!! Why he called me?? why have to be me?? why? I still wonder. You know what was his opinion about the tutor's fee? "Ih, mahal sekali, mending si Mike belajar bahasa sama aku aja, tidak usah bayar." TT
And, I explained to him, "Rp175K is for a tutor who teaches in BIPA, and if Mike want to learn with native students the fee is around Rp75K-50K per session, that's regular fee and already common in here, and I suggested to Mike to make or attend a Language Swap Meeting, so he can save his money, so this is up to Mike for decide...",

but this jerk responded my explanation like a piece of nothing, and he still confidently tried to say his purpose--if I could translate in my words--he said "It more better if Mike study with me."
Then I would ask, "Kamu tahu apa tentang struktur bahasa Indonesia?" but, I didn't do it. I just kept silent.

another night, Watino--the Ojek driver at Mike's kosan--texted me, "Mbak, ada orang yang kesini mau minta agar Mike pindah kosan." (WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT???) who is he?
I replied, "Pasti orang itu adalah R. Memang pak biarkan saja, orangnya seperti itu."
after replied Watino, I texted Daria, I wanted make sure that this guy really annoying or not. And after got my text, Daria called me. And she also had bad impression with this guy, she and her bf feel annoyed by him. Oh God, thanks there is another people who feels the same way like I am. :P

And a third call,  what is the topic for tonight?. GUESS WHAT?? "Alfi, I came to Mike's kosan today. He have to go out because Srengseng wasn't in Depok area. blablaballla..........." I

so what if he is staying not in Depok?
I has no responsibility on Mike, I just help him to find a kost for him, thats all.
I didn't like the way he talked this topic like  this is my fault.
I mean, about the kostan location I HAD already discussed with Mike before he flight to Jakarta, and Mike already agree. NO PROBLEM WITH HIM!
AND one more thing, which i didnt like and very insult me, when this guy said, "The only person who handles purposes of foreigners who want to study at UI is me, Alfi, do you got it?? its me, only one, no one, just me."

that is another way to say, "Kamu jangan coba-coba dekat-dekat dengan bule-bule deh, jangan ikut campur urusan saya deh."

WTF!! I just helped my friends!!! I help Daria, Mike, and many other people. and I havent get any problem with my friends.  So whats wrong with him? tell me and show me where was my fault?? was I wrong?

before, he ended the call, he asked my YM. I gave it. and when i logged in to my YM, i saw his ID is using a word--*dick--and something..blabalabla.*
 Haa?? eww... he is so gross!!
he is so faggot, if you already met him. trust me. :P

and, because I curious about this guy, so I made little investigation, I interviewed some of my friends. First, I asked to my Korean friend, Jung Sojin, who last year studied as Darmasiswa student, she said, "Yes, I knew that guy, he lied to me about visa."
I was shocked! Another Korean friend, Kim, also had bad experience with him. I heard the rumor  from my Chinese friend, Wang, he is also have the same issue about visa.

I asked my friend who was in the same department with him, Sisca, and she answered, "Yes true, he is truly weird. very strange." I told her my opinion about him, and she is totally agree with me. She said many of her friends also dont like  him, because he is soooo...(you can make your conclusion)
Sisca knows his boss who is her lecturer in campus. So, she will help to talk about this to her lecturer as soon as possible.

Orang-orang seperti dia itulah yang menjatuhkan nama UI, dan memang harus ditindak lanjuti sesegera mungkin.

there are many problems caused by this guy, but I dont want to tell in here. Actually this is not my habit telling bad side of someone.

Okay, my task is done, and I think I can go to sleep right now. see you..


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