Saturday, August 21, 2010

"I love The Lesbians, but nobody expected The Werewolf to eat vagina."

The Twilight series is like watching a porno with no fucking in it, drinking decaf coffee in the morning, or gulping down non-alcoholic beer and wondering why you don't get drunk.These vampires suck alright- but not the way that they are supposed to.

WHEN you say you love Twilight, my opinion of you drop a little. WHEN you say you love Edward Cullen, it drops a hell a LOT!!!

Please, watch this trailer first, after that we can make conclude together, how crappy the Twilight is.
Just check it out!! :DDD

Lets face it! Twi-hard girls get off on vampire boyfriends who want to eat them control every move they make under the guise of unhealthy relationship and weak female characters true love, it's only fair that the gents get their own version, too!
Vampire Lesbian and Vampire Sucks are more better than the original movies. :)

As like Harry Potter said, stop with that twilight thing. While the Twi-hards still arguing which one more handsome between Jake or Edward, and me, just watching their stupid things, and laughed a lot. hahahahahaahaha...
I much prefer to watch TRUE BLOOD ever.. and I'll make arguing between Team Eric or Team Bill. its more valuable than that crappy-twilight-movies.
lolz. thoughts?

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