Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you think sex before marriage is okay?

hmm, lets give me few minutes to think about this.
Yeah, have as much fun as you can before you end up staying with one person for the rest of your life. I dont think sex equates to love always and I dont think I ever will.
I know it against my religion. FYI, Im not religious enough, so please no offense. :P
And why we always underestimate sex before marriage is bad? I think its not bad at all, why we don't see another cases, like many cases in household also do sex outside their marriage. I mean, many husband have affair or slept with sluts behind their wife. Well, thats wrong!! if you already have commitment with someone, you need to keep your words. So, for this matter I don't agree if people always say sex before marriage is bad, the truth is having affair if you already marriage is bad. Are you agree with me, pals?
I dont believe in soulmates. My mom and dad married. and after my dad died I didn't think my mom had ever fall in love again, but she did, many times for a jerk guys. and you can tell she loved his first hushband and she loves his boyfriend? recently, I read Paolo Coelho's book--The Witch of Portobello--that story told me its possibly if you can love two person at the same time, because love is uncountable. So, in that respect I don't see how there can be a soulmate.
I dont think people only have one love, it annoys me so much when people say, "I didnt think i was in love before until i met you"--ugh!! it so gross!! I want to throw up!!!
Hey stupid!! You are allowed to love more than one person, and you can fall out of love. Love is as real as you want to think it is.
I dont like the idea of being stuck to one person for the rest of my life, I dont say marriage is a bad way to get happiness, it would be a nice idea, and for the moment i still think It wouldnt be the end of the world if i didnt get married. I want to have kids, otherwise i cant see what else I'll do with my life. Some of people in my life chose to didnt married, and they still happy with their life. My lovely 'uncle' who I always adore with said the same thing to me, he has good opinion why he dont want married, it doesnt because he is affraid of commitment or whatever, he just has some good reasons, who I respect his reasons. and btw, Shakira--singer--also doesnt want married with his boyfriens, even their relationship already have been 11 years, wow!! she also has good reason, she said, "I want he always be my eternal lover" ARGHH SO SWEETT

to clearly my thoughts, people fall in love with whoever they fall in love with. Sex before marriage isn't bad way, keeping virginity for the right guy is the right thing to do, and somehow the right guy maybe isnt your husband. Marriage is a another way to get happiness, but it isnt my choice for at the moment, you still can fall in love without marriage or having sex with someone. Love and sex are different, but we could do this things together.
so, just feel free to fall in love!! this world would be a better if we love each other. no war. no cry. peace!!
Lets love everyone, or just someone, whatever, as long as it doesnt make your heart being hurt.


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