Saturday, August 21, 2010

P.S: I'm Sorry

Dear friends,
I considered lately that all I'd written on blog was too privately and too rude.

Few days ago, my Belgium friend made me realized my faults. He told me his opinion about my posts. I made him uncertain with my thoughts.

So, here, I'm apologize. I'm sorry for:
I posted some harsh words to someone on public, (the wrong is if i hate someone i have to say it to him directly, not by posting on public, because its maybe can hurt people what I'm not meant.)

I also wrote blog for talking about someone behind his back, and it was very bad.
(the wrong is gossiping bad thing about person, or complaining about someone on blog and if that person doesn't know is really bad)

Hmm, I used sarcasm words didn't mean its cool at all. I'm sorry.I'm so fucked up. I messed up. I used in English sarcasm words, just because I like its sounds. please, no offense.

I posted some bad blogs because I couldn't speak them out loud. I couldn't say my disappointed with someone directly. I don't have a drop of bravery. I faced it that I'm a coward. I admit it.
and for my stupid statuses on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogspot which were too private to be consumed by public, once again I'm so sorry. Stan, my Belgium friend, thoughts my heart seems need some attentions from the public. I feel bad to admit it, but hell yeah, I felt my heart also needs some attentions. And I couldn't find any best way for posting about the condition of my feeling besides on web. Okay, now, I bet you'll think I'm a dork, I haven't any friends in a real world. Hahaha, whatever, trust it or not, I have many bestfriends in the real world. as much as in the web world. hahahaha..
I also still talk my problems with my bffs, but there is something missing if I'm not posting my blog. Because I'm a freak blogger. and I'm so addicted blog. I cant help myself for it.
I'm not a good person, i have bad personalities. I'm freak, strange, weak, and lame.
but, above that, I'm trying to be a good person who can make people around me happy and smiling all the time. I don't want bother people, I don't want hurting someone.

After this posts, please remind me if I do the fault same again.
Since now, I keep my mind shut up from the bad things I've thinking about.
I'll post the nice things in my life. or just my good thoughts.

But, I can't promise if later I'll posting my bad feeling about something again. :P

gypsyholic a.k.a Alfi.

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