Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tutoring without salary? Why not? The Poverty isnt big problem for kids to get a better education.

Hello pals,

Last Friday, I got a call from my church. They offered me to teach kids every Saturday morning. It is one of social projects of the church. They give a class for kids who are from disadvantaged families background. Its class is for free. Every kid can join this class. everyone.

Without thinking anymore,I grabbed the chance. I said, "Okay."
I don't know why I answered yes. Maybe, because I think, God sends me to the kids. I want to do something good in my life. If I have better education, so why they don't?
besides, I want to share my knowledge with them. They deserve a good education.
I hate if the poverty is the biggest problem to reach a better education.

So, last Saturday, I join to the class. There was 12 students. 11 boys and 1 girl. Mostly, they from 2nd--5th grade.
Oh ya, I was not alone, there were 2 tutors as volunteers, like me. :)

We taught them English, Math, and other subjects.
Tutoring is always fun. I learn a lot from the kids.
I also found a pathetic fact from one of my kids. It was from Dewi. When I taught English to her, she gave me a flat face.
I asked her, "Got it?"
she nodded. but I know SHE LIED, she didn't understand what I was saying.
So, I asked her, "What is your problem in English?"
she didn't answer me.
anyway, all the conversation I did with Bahasa, not in English.
I gave her some words in English, such: walk, get up, breakfast, dinner, etc. I asked her again whether she understand the words or not.
and she shook her head.
And then, I asked "If you find difficult words in your textbook, what do you do with it? how do you search the word's meaning?"

Her answer was, "skip it"

ugh.. I lil bit shock. Then, I asked her again, "Do you have dictionary?"
she said, "Nope"

"Bang!!!" something shoot my head.
I need time to face it. It is reality,I have 12 dictionaries in any languages, but the girl who sat beside me has none.

In the end of class, I gave her a tips to remember difficult words in English, "Dewi, if you find difficult words, you need to underline it, then you check the meaning from the dictionary in library, or ask your friends. If you already find the meaning, write down the meaning besides the difficult word, So when you study again at home it easily for you to remember. Understand?"

her flat face was gone, and she smiled. I smile. I'm happy. :)

Life is not always about money. Sometimes you need to make your life to be more valuable. In my way, I do it by spending my time for social projects.

be smart, be good, and be better. :)

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