Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long Distance Relationship

Hi folk! this is me again, sitting in front of laptop and have nothing to do in the Saturday night, besides I was thinking about how to get sponssors and media patners for an event that I'm dealing with,

and in the middle of random thoughts, I just think about LDR (long distance relationship). No, It isn't about me. Currently, I'm not into a relationship. What I thought is about the contradiction about this relationship. Some of them are pro, and some others are cons.

Some of my friends said LDR is wasting your time, because you are thinking someone who is far far away from you, and we dont even know whether he does the same. You are hoping-pretending-expecting-daydreaming--whateveritcalls--about uncertainly things, Its kinda wasting your time. because it isn't real relationship. Isn't it?

And then, my thought suddenly imagine about this:
When you date someone far away, all you can do is talk. You talk for hours on end; getting to know each other more and more. That can also be the downfall for it, because all you can do is talk. You can’t hug, you can’t kiss and you can’t hold hands. But for all that matters, your relationship would be based on each other and nothing else. When you finally see each other, all those late nights talking turn into something else. When you’ve waited for something for so long and you finally have it, it feels good, heck it even feels amazing. The important thing that makes a long distance relationship work is the trust between the two. If there’s no trust, then it’s not going to last. Love really has no boundaries, it knows no gender, no age and no distance.

"Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be."

"Distance means so little, when someone means so much."

Do you think???


Cindy said...

I really thought LDR as a waste of time and will never work. I had an experience of it myself, and yeah, it flunked.

but as time goes by, I wonder why would I be in a LDR (a veeery long one), once again, right in the moment. maybe because I'm too hopeful. we never know. but yeah, I'm agree about talk and get to know each other things you wrote. and it feels so good. :)

Just Simply Me :) said...

I totally agree, having had a couple long distance relationships myself I still have hope that one day one will work out for me, your views are the same as mine.

gypsyholic said...

@Matt: you had spme LDR before? wow! mine was once. and it wasn't happy ending. even though, I still believe in LDR :)

Fico said...

I've been to more than 1 LDR.. just because i work in remote area in sumatra jungle.

Currently in an LDR with over 8671 kms space between us its adding more challenge for both of us.

I just think LDR only for those who had strong personality, and high self esteem.

You don't want to end up weeping every single night thinking your SO had an affair or you're not pretty enough for him, if you're weak.. LDR not for you.

It could work i know lots of people who work with me that had LDR and they're just fine.

I think i read it somewhere that over half of human population on this earth having LDR these days, because work, travel etc.

Its quite common to happens these days.

Anyway.. wish mine will work just fine ^^v missing him like crazy tho!

Fico said...

I am currently on an LDR with over 8700kms space between me and my SO.

I think LDR only for those who had strong personality. Those who believe in them self and the relationship they had.

Time difference, trust issue, communications issue.. so many that LDR couple had to deal with.. thats why i said need strong people to do it!

I've seen many that works, so i am not giving faith that mine could work as well... it needs loads of work from both side for sure!