Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My dinner after 4 hours exam

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Day 3 of exams: CHECKED! And It went well.

I came home so tired and stressed, so I cooked the traditional Indonesian chicken soup aka Soto Ayam (it contains rice vermicelli, soya sprouts, boiled egg, chicken fillet, carrots, potatoes, celery, and spring onions) and now I am so full! It didn't take long to cook, I spent 1 hour for this. But I am so happy with this soup, it gives me more energy to continue study tonight.

It is difficult when you are far away from your parents, normally when I'm back from school/exams, my mom already cooked something warm for you, and now in here you have to learn to make your home-country meals by yourself, because nobody can cook that the way you want it to. But living in here makes me learning how to cook Indonesian meals, that is a good thing right?

So, I still have one more exam for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

What was your dinner for tonight?

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