Thursday, January 7, 2016

EXAMS are over!!

Oh you wish, boy! 

What I meant was my exams for this week is done. Because next Monday, we are gonna have a new assignment from school again, and I consider this task also as my big exam. 

So you asked me how was my week?
It was bad and good. 
Monday was bad.
Tuesday was good.
Wednesday was okay.
and today, Thursday was bad, but I think I am fine :P

I don't know if I didn't study hard enough or my brain is just so slow, because I couldn't do my best on some of my exams, and I am sad about it. I meant, I have studied for that, and I THOUGHT that was enough, but apparently not. I need more study and study, I am so far from being an expert. 

Some say "It is just school, don't take it seriously, and there are more things to be stressed about other than exams."

Really? I have done my bachelor before, and sorry if I don't agree with that statement. I always take my studies seriously. Always. I'm just feeling sad if I couldn't do something that I want to be better at.  

So this evening after 4 hours of exam, a friend and I went to a Thai restaurant to celebrate the last exam of the week, because when you are so down and sad that you couldn't have done much in your exams, all you need is warm tasty food. 

So here is my date for tonight, thanks for being there and we can pass this together!

Sweet dreams!

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