Saturday, February 20, 2016

Taalcafe : My first polyglot meetup :)

on my table

Last Tuesday I had my class until 5pm, and I was interested to come to this meetup at 7pm. I think there were like 20 people coming over. We were divided into 3 tables, and I couldn't get to know everyone because I was already busy having conversations on my table.

This event was not the first, there were some other events like this in Kortrijk before. And I always skipped it because they always start late. I live far from Kortrijk, and I still have to catch the train, and I still have classes in the morning. So..

But last Tuesday, I tried to come. There was my friend that also came. And There was a guy from CouchSurfing who might come, and he came with his friend. If I had to come alone, I might not as interested as with people that I already know.

The event was nice, and good ambiance. I am looking forward to come again.

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