Sunday, April 17, 2016

1£ to Amsterdam With Megabus

Yep,  it was 1£ for one person one way.
Few months ago we bought tickets to Amsterdam, and in total we paid 5£ for 2 persons returns. But...

Ticket price for 2 persons one way

So on 31st March we took the train from Poperinge to Antwerp Berchem. We arrived at 12.17. We biked to the bus stop. It was around 12.25.  It was so weird, nobody is there, and no busses at all. "Are we in the right bus stop?" We checked on the internet, yes we are in the right place.

The bus should come at 1.15pm or 30 minutes before the departure. "Oh okay, we still have time to eat our sandwiches" so we sat in a bench and ate our lunch. After we finished our lunch, nobody is there or either the bus. We got worried. And we called the Megabus (at +44 141 33 29 64 44). From there we know that we are the only passengers on that hour. At the moment, I felt relieved, so there is reason why we are the only persons on the bus stop. 

We waited. And we contacted Megabus via twitter. 

Because we had appointment in Amsterdam before 5pm, so we had to take actions. Lucky we got our bike, so we biked to Antwerp Central Station, and catched train.  The train tickets cost more than 20 times our bus tickets. And we arrived in Amsterdam around 5pm.

After we were back from Amsterdam, we wrote an email to Megabus. Like this:
Within few days they replied:

And this week we got our reimburse :)

This isn't our first experience with Megabus, we took Megabus already few times, and so far our experience was Megabus often comes late. But the most annoying was they don't give notifications to the passengers about the delay. 

How is your experience traveling with them?

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