Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hey, I thought you want some frozen yogurt!

Exams were over guys! I was unavailable for a moment, because I had to finish all the deadlines, and I had a heavy week for final exams.  But, hey now I am back! 

And how was it? Oh, I bet you don't want to know. I think I will have a re-exam for Creative Programming subject. JavaScript is too much for me. 

So, yeah, this weekend I went out to Gent. And I enjoyed the sun (22 degree Celcius) and a bowl of organic frozen yoghurt. I deserved this right? 

This yogurt from Moochie is alright, but not as yummy as Sour Sally. So, I asked you if you want some. You replied that I can keep the yogurt to myself. You told me what you want. And I believe you, because I do too. Remember, when we sat down  for an ice cream, and we were back to your place after our ice cream were melted? I guess you didnt really care about the ice cream. But i still do.

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