Friday, July 23, 2010

I was infected by varicella zoster virus

what the hell is that?
Fantastic… Chickenpox has found me!!!
yeah, we called it as chicken pox. the fuckin shit pox.
at my age, i knew I was late got this shit. I knew. I dont blame God. 
Chickenpox is not a fun disease.

You don’t get to lay in bed and enjoy the attention of family and friends, suckling on a cup of hot chicken soup whilst watching old movies. Its more violent than that.

.. a feverish and ugly disease, covering the body with itchy sores, starting off on the chest and spreading EVERYWHERE. Spots full of pus appearing on the tongue, in ears, eyelids, legs, arms, head.. are thoughtfully complimented by cold shivers, hot shivers, and ITCHING. Horrible incessant itching, unscratchable for fear of permanent scarring. There is nothing worse than an unscratchable itch.. even Satan would sympathize… A nauseating aroma of rotting skin and pus fills the already pungent air of sickness and death…
I got this disease from my little cousin, after she had it, two weeks later I got it also.  

at first, i didn't know if it was a pox. I felt headache, fever, and butterfly stomach. I thought i was too exhausted caused the long road trip Jogja-Jakarta-Bandung-Jakarta-Jogja. 
and, at the second day at Jogja, I knew I got pox. My auntie said I dont need to see the doctor, because this shit will be disappear soon without medicine. because my mom wasnt beside me, so I obeyed what my auntie saying. 

the third day raised pink bumps appear on the skin. all over my skins!! OMG!! I worried. I stressed. I fear. I felt pain in all over my body. I lost my apatite. I couldnt eat. I felt itchy, i couldnt sleep well. It really feels hell. If you've been there. ;)
suddenly, my grandma came to me, "Girl, I brought you a traditional masker powder. lets try it"
Me: "ugh, okay"

then, she helped me to used the traditional powder. and tralaa... the house is full smell of frankincense.  My uncle mad at me. :( orgh..

and at the fourth day, my mom called "you have to go to doctor". She speak to my auntie, and auntie brought me to the doctor. finally.

from the doctor, i got eleven pills per day that i need swallow for one week.  thanks God, my pain was over since i swallowed the pills, but the bumps still on my skins. especially on my FACE.  bullshit i dont care about my look. I do!

on the sixth day, i moved to Temanggung, a small town near Magelang, i went there for attending my cousin's wedding. you can imagine i went to the reception with this fuckin pox coloring my face!! i felt cursed. 
on the tenth day, I back to Jakarta. and wrote this blog.

on the first night since i arrived at Jakarta, I talked to some friends who are foreigners. I wonder they also got pox. hahaha
there was an american suggested me to take a bath with oatmeal. wow! how weird. :)

and everybody who knows I got pox always said: "Alfi, dont scratch your skins, it would be leave you scars."
OMG, million times everyone warns me about this. and i said in my mind "Argh, I can't! I can't control my hand to not scratch this itchy-pox"

lalala, im already get better now, but not with my skin (scars gonna take a long time to make them away from my skin) 

Disaster.. I will have to postpone all personal appearances and photo shoots for a little while.

Feeling… not the greatest! All sympathy welcome :(


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