Thursday, August 25, 2016

Melted sorbet in the park

It was sunny outside. It was 40 C.  I was always thirsty. I drank mineral water continuously to wet my lips. Didn't you notice that? I did notice that many people  are not afraid with the temperature. They went outside, to the park, we did too. They did yoga, reading, tanning, kissing, what else? And I did notice that you are a bit sad. Or was that tired face? Am I wrong? Why is that?

It was sunny and it made me sweat a lot. Or perhaps because of you? The first thing that you noticed was my perfume! Was it too much? I just used it once this morning. I think my sweat and the perfume made a good collaboration. Brilliant! I should open my own fragrance line, from my sweat, mandarin, sandalwood, blackberry, jasmine, cedar, and musk. I take it as you like my Gucci II.

There was an ice cream shop close to the park. I chose passionfruit flavour. I liked its sour. Like life. The sorbet was so easily melted because of the heat yesterday. Before our sorbets were melted, again, we talked basically over anything. Nothing particular. Opinions mostly.  Little by little I feel like you are so familiar to me. Did we meet before? Of course, I don't know you that much yet.  Every smile of yours brings me closer to the feeling that I am comfortable with you. 

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Then our sorbets were finished. What should we do now? We could lay back on the grass. None cares. The sorbet didn't stop our convo. We got a lot more to catch up. 

There again, when the moment we looked at each other. You got me silent. And we both were in meaningful silent for a while. Were we contemplating our convo just ago? 

Before I caught my last train to home, and before everything is going too far and too late. I tasted a bit of another sorbet and so I could get to know you a little bit more. The taste was sweet. Like life, sometimes. Are you not enough with one sorbet? who does eat only a scoop of sorbet? Me.  So, before my train leaves me alone in the dark station, I got a chance to know you. Not that much. But enough. 

And after my last sorbet, where everything was beyond control. Suddenly the universe made a conspiration, it against us. It didn't work well anymore. I feel it so weird, why is it so sudden?
So in the end, I sat on my last train to the land where I belong, on a slowly old train, I wonder if you think about it too... 

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Zulfian Prasetyo said...

This is sweet, as sweet as my favourite vanilla sorbet.