Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My meals in a week

Hi there!

I just moved in 2 weeks ago to Courtrai, in Dutch is Kortrijk. I have been studying in this town for a year, and I decided to live close to my campus. So here I am in Kortrijk. I don't know much about the town, but you can definitely check it out on Google. There are few cozy cafes, bars, and restaurants that I like to hang around.

Anyway, so my second week living in Kortrijk was great. I was so excited to live in  a new place.  I haven't been out much yet since I moved in, except gave a short walk to Spanish guy that I know from CS, attended a polyglot meetup, and came back to my beloved (not true) campus :P.

What did I do then in the new place? Mostly cleaning up and cooking. Here is my food log for one week in Kortrijk. And most of the time I use organic & fairtrade products, just simply because it tastes better and I feel better, it's just my preference to live my life that way, I'm trying as much as I could do to consume eco-friendly products.

Breakfast: chocolate milk and sugar bread.

Lunch: Chicken katsu and veggie curry

Breakfast : bread + orange juice
Lunch : vermicelli + chicken meatballs

Snack: sorbet mango + ice cream pistachio

Dinner: Crispy mushroom

Breakfast: bread again :(
Lunch & Dinner : chicken noodles + mushrooms + chicken meatballs

Breakfast : Egg drop soup
Lunch: Spaghetti bolognese 
Breakfast: I forgot
Lunch: Panir and potatoes

So that is it what I ate for a week. What is your fav menu of the week? And what do you think about my menu? Perhaps you have something in mind, feel free to leave a comment, I would like to hear your suggestions for the menu. My cooking skill is very basic, so recommendation for the menu would be very helpful. 

See ya!

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