Friday, May 28, 2010

I had great night with a Canadian guy

27th April 2010

well, so where I have to start my story?

Hmm, last night i had a dinner with a Canadian guy. His name is Laszlo, he is new in Jakarta. I knew him from traveler community site.
After i had a lot of disasters in my life which are exams and papers, finally i could go to met him.
Yes, i mean, FINALLY! I really excited to meet him.

Do you know what happen with me before that night? hmm, honestly, i totally got frustrated. Why? yeah, i kinda have a BIG problem with my confident. I don't have enough confident, i worried a lot of silly things, such as my hair, my look, and the most thing I had worried was my ENGLISH.

Hello?? you have to believe in me that my English so bad. Trust me. My grammar is so fatal!
And during a whole day before that night i was getting nervous. Grr, i supposed to be say "NO", but, hell yeah, i couldn't control myself. Its really annoyed me.

Then, the day which had been waited was come. yeah last night. I met him in front of Sushi Tei at Senayan City.
At first, i got little trouble to understand what was he saying. And after 5 minutes later, I could understand everything that he was saying. He spoke clearly, yeah, sometime i didn't get his words. But, it wasn't matter. I definitely could understand him. And I was so glad when i found myself wasn't nervous like i had expected before. I wonder why I didn't get nervous. Where was that feeling gone? maybe from my deeper mind i already throw out all my nervous inside the junk.

Our dinner was really nice, i really love that. :D
and he told a lot of things. we talked about everything. I always have interesting what was he saying. He talked about his life, his jobs, his friends, his habits, his silly stories, his family, his interests, his beautiful dogs, and so on. He has wonderful thoughts which are surprised me. He told me about his culture, and I know a plenty of new things. Listening to his stories was so legit (like he was said, it means awesome, haha he told me some slang words) cool!
From our conversation last night, i got many new knowledges. Yeah, somehow he opened my mind to see something with other side. It's sweet when someone knows every single detail about you, not because you constantly remind them, but just because they pay attention.

And, like always my bad characteristics, hmm i didn't talk a lot, well, i kinda hard to say what i was thinking to respond what he was saying. I want to say something more than just "Ohh, yeahh, wow great" or "awesome" or "crazy", i have many thoughts to say them loud, but my tongue couldn't effort to do that. It was sooooooooooooo embarrassed me! i look such an idiot girl. Jeez.

having conversation with him was so fun, i forgot my stress.
And i know a plenty of things about him, such as:
he is the first person who i ever met who saying his dog was his sibling. I never met or have not friends who care with animals like he does. its so lovely.
Yeah, he is very kind person. He has many friends, and he loves his friends so much. He is very supple.
He has many superb thoughts. I mean, he is just 20 years old, but his thoughts like more than 20 y o. Its very impressive.
Hey, he has fabulous ambitions. He care about cultures and earth.
yeay,I have company now, he also cat-haters, and he eat sushi, yeah as you know i got slightly of friends who eat sushi. :D
the other thing was, he told me every time he couldn't sleep or awake every hours in the middle of the night, it must be Fullmoon in the sky. (hmm, i am a Twilight-haters, but i guess Laszlo might be a wolverine or something, haha okay, maybe I'm too much watching True Blood and Vampire Diaries)
and many things which i can't explain to you all, because my vocabulary is very limited. hehehee..

Okay, thats for all i could write, which i could't speak. :D

to summarized all what I've said: last night was really amazing. it was my new fantastic experience with foreigner. and straight from the shoulder, that was my first date with a guy, I mean you know i don't really have a good such kind of things like that. :P Honestly, I’m scared to get too close to people. It seems that everytime I get close to someone, they always have a reason to leave later on. Maybe its fate teaching me that life goes on, or maybe I just trust the wrong people.

Oya, for my female Indonesian friends: He said to me: Kenapa sih orang-orang suka banget melihat foreigners, justru kalo kita terlalu berambisi untuk mendapatkan bule, justru mengancam ketradisionalan yang dimiliki negara kita. See?? thats why i can say he cares much for heritage and cultures in this earth. So keep it save, pals. :D

Oya, the last, you know pals, i love sleeping, and i always get dreams while im sleeping, and this story just like DEJA VU.


enbhe said...

it's so cooool! ENVYYYYY.. huhuu
congrats ya fii.. semoga berlanjut! yihiii :)

gypsyholic said...

berlanjut kok say..