Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Argh, Google translate you made me haven't face in front of someone.

before last night, i thought Google Translate is one of my best friends, because it helps me to translate many things which i don't understand.

but, suddenly there is one thing came up into my life. Tring!
There was someone who told me that he used Google Translate for translating my blogs which written by Bahasa.

How I couldn't screw Google Translate for this matter?
maybe for the reader who regularly read my blogs knows what happen in my life these days.

but when someone, who was told by me in blogs also read my thoughts, its made disaster for me.
I shame on him. really really shy. OMG!! i have no face anymore.

I hate lie, I couldn't hide my feeling inside my heart, i need to speak out loud in my blog. Because I couldn't say it by speaking in reality. blog is the best media for me to express my condition. yeah, because I'm not a good speaker. I have many thoughts but couldn't speak them out loud.

why i have to write all my thoughts in a blog?
its not for gossiping someone who I crush on, or someone who I hate to.
for me the function of my blog just for documentaries of my life. I think maybe if I was died my grandchildren or maybe someone has interest with my life, I'm glad if in the future there is someone still read my blogs.
and just because i have always forget about everything, because i'm forgetful person, i need to write all my day inside the blog, then i can recall my past with read my blog.

PS: for someone, i think you know you do.
I'm glad you translated my blogs, and i'm glad that google translate couldn't help you to translate the slangs words.haaahaha
if it did, i will really shame on you. def.
You no need to get confused. actually, inside my heart i still confused about my feeling, so sometimes i can have feeling for you, but sometimes i feel nothing, hmm idk why it can be, but i keep trying to figure it out soon.

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