Tuesday, June 22, 2010

first day of running away from home

hmm, after I had disaster trouble with my mom, I decided to run away from Jakarta.
Lucky me, I got free transportation. how come? yeah, there was a man who offered me to accompany him to Jogjakarta. Sounds like being a lady escort, right? hehehe..
we ride from Jakarta at 6.00 am. and arrived at Jogja at 6.00 pm.

ooh,,this journey made me PITA (pain in the ass), seriously!
and what we had done inside the car entire of our journey?
at first we was stiff, no talking, just listening lullaby instruments..ooh made me soo sooo sleepy.
And after half of our journey. we started to talk about many things.
He told me that he doesnt agree with Moslem's rule which said "Heaven is in Mother's foot".
I agree with him, that we don't have to obey all the parent's words, we just need to give them regarding. just it.

heaven is in God's hand. no one in this word give us heaven.

and we talked about religion, i knew its kinda bored. but i dont mind. :)

he treated me for lunch, we ate a lot of meals and only costs as much Rp37.000 for two person (ayam goreng 2, tahu 2, tempe 1, nasi satu bakul, air putih, es teh 4 gelas, ati ampla, sayur labu, bakwan goreng) gila ga tuh??
and after we arrived at Jogja, he treated me again for dinner, we ate meatballs. and then went to his home.
I met his daughter and wife. I slept in his home only for one night. and I like living in here because there is connection which i can write this blog..

so see you yaa.. im sorry if im not coming online, its mean there is no connection in my place.

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