Friday, June 25, 2010

third day in Jogja

in day time i spent my half day just with my family, my cousins, grandparents, uncle, and auntie.
and, I was gettin bored, so I asked Gilang (my friend from community traveler who I just met him on last Sat night in Language Swap Meeting).
And voila, I hung up with him to Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta--Yogyakarta Art Festival.
before I hung up with Gilang, I also sent text to Asep (my other blog's friend who I never met).

Gilang took me up at my cousin's home, then we ride by his motorcycle to Vrendenberg Castle where the event was held.
that festival wasn't crowded, and no many visitor on that day, it was more less visitor than last year. i was disappointed.

And after Gilang and I looked around FKY, Asep called me saying he and his gf already arrived. So, by second I met Asep and his gf. I know Asep since grade 12th, like 3 years communicate with him from Internet, we never met before, he reads my blog, and so do I, he always envy me because I'm majoring Indonesian Literature and hes majoring Communication at UGM (ihh, whats for??)

and after looking around FKY, we headed to Oyot Godong, its restaurant where located in 3th floor of Mirota Batik.
the foods are quite cheap. I ordered Es Dawet only Rp6.000/glass.

because my auntie gave me night hour only at 8 pm, so after dinner we went to outside restaurant, walking a bit across the Malioboro street, and had conversation in front of President Palace. :)

at 8 pm, Gilang picked me up to home, and tralalalala... I got home with happy. :)

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