Wednesday, July 7, 2010

baby sitting at Kidzania, Pasific Place

Okay, I passed my 'au-pair' chance for my study in University.
but i still could get a job as baby sitter in my own country.

shes not a baby anymore, shes 9 y.o. she comes from Jogja, shes a granddaughter of my mom's boss. Her nickname is Eta. Her parents wanted me to take care of her while playing in Kidzania, Pasific Place. Hey, it wasnt bad, her parents didn't pay me by money, I'm not asking for that. I'm glad help them. Shes a nice girl, I like to spent my time to play with her. So, last Saturday, I went to Pasific Place at and we finished at It was so much fun.
Look! she was serious with her patient, being a dentist was a first spot she tried in Kidzania. for her its a first time played there, but its twice for me, and its twice thing also I did my baby sitting job in Kidzania. :P

After played being a dentist, Eta tried to make a Pizza, she was being a chef.
and then we was going to Bakery corner, she tried to bake a bread.

then, she tried being a milk maker in milk factory.
before we left Kidzania, she played as actress in Kidzania Theater. and she saved all her fake salary in Kidzania Bank.
Kidzania is the best place for kids learning about their future career, it makes them easily to decide what kind of job they want to be. a lot of knowledge they will get in there. they role as a job they want. Its really interesting place for children doing whatever they want, even though they could be more materialist since then. haha.. but don't worry, if they become materialist at least they know how to hard their parents getting money for their better future life. Isn't it?

and, after 3 pm. Eta's parents picked we up, and they invited me to join their lunch in Sundanese Restaurant, and after that, we was going to watch Eclipse.

Okey, i seriously hate Robert Pattison since then, he made me sick by his acting. SO fuckin FAGOT and FAKE!! but, because the family treated me in cinema, so I didn't feel loss my money to but the ticket show. haha

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