Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bandung with love

Hola folks, did you miss me? haha, I wonder if you did or I ever cross your mind for a bit.
where did I go for 3 days ago? what did I do and what happened with me?

doing nothing much, but I felt I got many happiness in Bandung. I never feel enjoy Bandung like this way before. You know, these days I had a lot of trouble, like Lenka said "Trouble is a friend of mine".  I need escaping from Jakarta where the problems make love with me. I need somewhere to forget my all problems. What are my exactly problems? argh, nobody knows, or either am I. I only feel like I carry to much thoughts, my complicated thoughts. My thoughts are my mom, friends, the things I have to do, the things i have done, the things i will do, or someone, or anyone, strangers, or even a wanker.

Bandung. one word. my mom offered me to go to Bandung with her Boss' family. So here I went.
We slept at a good cottage in Maribaya (30 minutes from Bandung), it names Bougenvile Villa. I slept well that night, without crying. :D
in the morning, I woke up, air is so fresh, I feel alive, because I'm breathing in a cold air. that place was so cold, anyway.
 After took a shower with a hot water, I sat on swinging, 

I looked up in the sky which is soo blue. and I saw the beautiful views. their grass was still wet by dew. 
look up in the mountain! and in my lap there was a novel by my favorite author, Sandra Brown. I read it on swinging. I imagined every single scene on that novel, know what I mean, pals. 

second day, my mom and her boss invited me to go to my mom's boss granddaughter house who live alone (both of her parents died recently). Shes so rich at her age, 21, she has 2 baby clothes stores in Bandung. AND I LOVE HER HOUSE>>>soooo sophisticated. many branded stuff and luxurious furniture decorate her house. 
 from her home we can find a healthy views. its all about green in everywhere. arhh i want to live in her house for a more longer time.  
like every richer does--having a swimming pool at his home, so she has. :)
from in front of the house,

my third day, i spent to take around Bandung, seeing factory outlets.
for the first time my mom bought me a Zara's clothes, but it was fair, because for herself she bought a piece of Burberry's shirt. haha you know how much I care about branded stuff.

and I back home, writing this blog. and tomorrow I have a job, being baby sitter (again) oh lol nooo... okay fine. Jakarta, why I hate you so much like I hate someone who hurts me. (and I guess someone who hate me recognize it)

okay, you didn't do anything for hurting me, but i could feel it if you already hurts me, without seeing your attitude behind my ass. I felt it, do you think I can not feel it?? I DID, it makes me cry all the time, shit! wanker! yeah you are a wanker., no matter what, still a wanker. hate you.

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