Thursday, July 15, 2010

God answered my pray. I got my new scholarship.


how happy am I today, I got my new scholarship from my University, this is second time they gave me. whuaaa.. I really proud of my brain. haha, okay I admit that sometimes it becomes smart, and sometimes it could be silly.

first of all, I thank to Lord, Jesus, Saint Mary, and my Dad who are in heaven. Without them I'm nothing.

and for my mom, i dont know she will proud of me or not, but whatever.

I'm good in Jogja right now, orhh i mean, im not good enough, I'm sick in here, I got pox!!!
all over my skins got pox. I HATE THEM SO MUCH. I'm ugly!! Arghh.. no way..
i have to swallow eleven pills per day!!

okay, thats it news from me, so catch up you later yaa..
bye pals.


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