Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My first presentation in...

So today I had my presentation.

Was it my first presentation ever? Nope, when I was in university, I had presentations sooooo many times. 
Was it my first presentation in Dutch? Nope, when I was still studying Dutch in Belgium, we had to do presentation regularly. 

But yet, why every time I'm going to have one, I'm always nervous? I think it is a part of my personality, like being nervous before hand. 

Three weeks ago, we got a task to create a restaurant website. Here you can find my first work in my first semester.  Feel free to leave your critics and opinions. After through some dramas, Thank God I could finally finish my work on time. Even I'm not yet satisfied with my design. IMHO, this design is still boring, no ambiance, old style, not eye-catching. Don't you think so?

A night before my presentation, I prepared this cue card.

I couldn't give a presentation without this. First, the presentation was in Dutch, and it is difficult for me to spontaneously talk in front of juries. I was really nervous before I'm going in. 

So, how was it actually?

It went good. And I am really happy for that. At first minute I was stuttered but then I went with the flow. I talked fluently, but I still had many mistakes, if my Dutch teacher were there, she would scream because I was making a lot of grammar mistakes. 
And my lecturers understand with my language barrier. So that makes me happy. At least they understand my concept and what I tried to explain. 

Not just that. 
After like 3-4 minutes talking, and I closed my speech. They didn't give me any questions. They said they already understand my idea and already looked up to my work. One of them said a commentar, but he didn't ask a thing. 
So my presentation went so fast, normally they give us 10 minutes per student. But for my presentation it was like 5 minutes, and I could go. 
And I felt lighter, no more burdens or anything. (for now). 

Now I am still waiting the results of my first semester. I hope everything will be alright. Wish me luck. 
One of my photoshopped.

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