Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday night I prefer to served the Lord than saying a goodbye

does the title make you think I'm a religion person?
Oh, please don't think like that. I'm just try to be a useful person.

Today was sooooo sad.
yesterday, I said to my friend who tomorrow will back to his country, "after I'm done with the charity thing I'll come to your farewell"
but, I broke my word. I felt bad because I couldn't make it.
I felt disgusted.
So, whats happen?
yesterday, my mom promised I could go after and the charity event will be ended around 5.

This morning, I heard my mom talked to the phone that charity event will be over at 10pm. What the heck?? when I heard about this, I still believe I could go out after 5pm. But I couldn't.
And, the crap was happen. At, this kitchen still chaos. My mom was cooking, and I couldn't leave her alone. Before you are confused what I'm talked about, I'll give my explanation what we were doing: the church held a charity event for 150 old folks (69--90 years old). And as you maybe already know, my mom is a chef, so she got order from the church to make meals for the old folks. She cooked for dinner which start at 7.30pm.

when at the meals still not ready yet, it means I couldn't go out from the kitchen. My tears was going down because I will broke my promise, and my mom knew it, and she said I may let go off--with her sarcasm tone--(it means: I cant go)

hell yeah, life is about choice, and for million times I've been on dilemma situation.
and while stopping my tears goes down,
I thought harder. and I found answer for my self:
Even my mom give me permit for go to the my friend farewell, I decided not to come at his farewell.
first, my mom had 150 portion of meals and she worked with two person, included me. If I go, my mom will worked more harder, and I couldn't see my mom looks tired. I couldn't be egoist.

Second, this meals for old folks, and this event for charity, and this event held by church, SO this event had concrete goals. When I decided not to go out, I thought about God. Maybe sounds like religious type which I'm not. But I think the old folks more need the meals from us than I attend to someone dinner. In this case, I consider being useful person for many old folks who really need meals was much worth it.

So, I texted my friend who had the farewell, I told him I cant make it. and he understand it.

I back to work, preparing the meals until I was so happy when knew the old folks enjoy the meals, they said "it delicious", I was sooooo proud of my mom and all our works today, its worth in the end. Oya, I forget, menu for today was Soto Sapi, Perkedel, and Telor rebus.

They were happy, my mom and me are happy, we made many people happy. Oh, thanks God for today. You make my day, even I missed another event.

Eventhough now I'm very tired after work for charity, but I did it for many people, So I can't complain.
I never really good in goodbye.
and about my friend who will leave my country, I think I should not sad. Everything has its goodbye. Okay, I admit I'm sad because I can't see his face for the last time, but I try to let it go. If there is any chance, and I believe there are many chances out there, we will meet together again, somewhere, sometime. God knows it. :)

PS: anyway, to make my feeling better, while writing this blog I eat a box of chocolate from my auntie. Ohh,, I love chocolate, it makes my feeling happier. :)

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