Friday, January 7, 2011

gypsyholic's project in 2011: Swapping postcards to the worldwide.

Holla pals, wherever you are!

Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype, YM!, augmented reality - we live and travel in a world of instant information and sore thumbs. This year is a good time to pause and revisit

that ol’ travel chestnut: the postcard.
What started a century ago as a craze of keepsakes (recipients cherished them as much as travellers sending them cherished their actual experiences) has lost out to wi-fi, text messaging. A shame.
Sending a postcard leads to all sorts of local life commonly missed - stationery shops, post offices, funny stamps - as well as the art of actually writing with a pen.
I don't know what the meaning of the postcard for you, but for me, sending and getting a postcard is so fascinating!
This year I start to send a postcard to strangers.
I write random quotes, random thoughts, I write everything..
And I'm excited with my project!

PS: If you read this post, and want a postcard from me, just let me know, send me your address.

I'll send you a tiny greeting card from Indonesia. Promise. :)

warm regards,

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