Sunday, January 24, 2016

Book Hunting: 9 books for 4.50 euro!!

Can I be happier than buying 9 books for 4.50 euro?

This Saturday, Ypres' library had a book sale, they have it every year, and this was my third time coming to this event. So they sold old books, comics, dvds, cds, for 50 cents per each. Yeah, 50 cents!

It started at 8.30 AM, and we arrived around 8.40, and there were already many folks there. It was really difficult to find books that you want.

But finally we managed to bring these 9 books to home. This year they had a lot of art books / encyclopedia, but they are too heavy, and I wish I could bring them all, but I have to bike from the train station to home, so it is difficult for me if I had to bring a lot of books with bike. So, yeah, that's why we just bought 9.

There are:

  1.  Tussen Vier Muren (La Stanza) by Lorenzo Mattoti
  2. The Falls by Ian Rankin. This one is in English. 
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling. I don't have to give any link, right? since you must already know it. Why I bought this? because my books are in Indonesia, so I'm starting to collect Harry Potter series again in English. 
  4. Ghost Train to the Eastern Star by Paul Theroux. This one is also in English, and there is a signature also from the author :)
  5. De Rand van Chaos by M. Mitchell Waldrop. And this one is in Dutch. 
  6. De Stille Oceaan by Bernard Henry. 
  7. De Vlaamse Primitieven by Brigitte Dekeyzer. After I attended art history class, I started to buy art books, and this one is about Flemish paintings in the past. 
  8. Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett.  This one is also in English.
  9. Amaranth Sage Epiphanies of Dusk - Weaving Paradise poems by Hugo Walter. This one is a poetry book, and there is a signature of the author also. 

I am really looking forward for this kind of event next year, or soon in another libraries.

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