Monday, February 1, 2016

First semester just passed...

Hi there!

Update news from me is I passed all the exams. 

But I am also sad at the same time, for my friends who got bad grades. I wish I could help them. But, I also need help. I didn't expect that I would pass my exams. We had 5 exams, and there are 2 exams that I was not sure if I could make it. 

God is great, right? before I had my exams, I asked my mom for praying for me. I asked for her blessings. 

And here I am, in the end of first semester. I need to work harder and study harder. There are 5 semesters to go. I hope I could finish this study. 

Thank you for all your supports! I am so lucky to have my family and friends that always give me supports when I am down with studying. I love you all!

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