Monday, February 1, 2016

My first trip in 2016

It is Amsterdam!

I was so excited with this trip. I really needed this after heavy weeks from my exams.
I already booked the bus tickets like months before. I got cheap tickets from Ouibus, it was only 2 euro returns from Brussels-Amsterdam and Amsterdam-Antwerpen. Ouibus let me bringing my folding bike without extra charges (so long you bring bike bag to cover your bike). This was my first time carrying my folding bike to another country.  So I could explore Amsterdam with my bike, then I don't have to spend more money for renting bike or buying transportation tickets.

We arrived in Amsterdam around 19.00, and we had dinner at Wagamama. Thanks to Crystal who introduced me with this place. FYI, it was Friday night, and yeah, so many people there, and we had to stand on the waiting list. This place has good ambiance and tasty foods. I tried their Wagamama ramen and Itame Chicken. And the good thing was I got 20% off because  I have ISIC student card.
Wagamama Ramen

They have good foods. I am sure I will come back here again. After that, we were still hungry, so we stopped by to have a wok.
So long queue in here on Friday night
After dinner, we just chilled with organic red wine that we bought underway and played PS Assassin's Creed.
We stayed at Air BnB, and this was our third time with AirBnB. Our hosts are nice, they are very helpful. They even offered us marijuana ;) the house and our room is clean. And their place is right in the middle the city. So it is really easy to go anywhere on foot. And they have museum card that we can borrow, so we can enter any museums in Amsterdam for free.

So we went to Rijksmuseum the day after. And I met my classmate and his bf. The museum is super huge. We spent 4 hours, and we haven't see everything, because we were already hungry. I really love that place, so many precious collections.

Don't tell me if you don't know this masterpiece.
And one of Couchsurfing members gave me an advice to try Toko Ramee. So we had our lunch there. It is an Indonesian shop, but it has one small table to dine there, they sell foods to take away. You could eat there, but they dont have much spots.

And then we realised it is to late to go to Van Gogh Museum or the palace. So we ended up for shopping, because that day was the last day of winter sale. And we got good things with good price :)

At Saturday night we were already soo tired. We couldn't even walk any further from our bed, so we just ordered wok from the next house. And we had a good sleep. And we went back to Belgium on Sunday morning.

So that was it my weekend, how was yours??

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