Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Be a good girl"

Today is the day you are waiting for. Your adventure is waiting for you. I'm really excited, even though I'm not the one who has the trip. But you are.  I am so happy for you today. That's why I wish you have a great adventure ahead and wish you are safe out there. I know sometimes you often get accidents, cause you know, unexpected things can happen to you at any time.

"Take care," I said.
"I know, you too, " he replied. "And be a good girl, bye!"
I raised my eyebrows, what a good girl? Am I a bad girl? who lives fast and dies young? suddenly I remember my classmate ever said to me, "Don't be afraid, yolo!"

Your words, again, affected me to the core. You know, I am trying to be a good girl. But then, for what? For please anyone? No way, I am doing it because I want it to and also for myself, not for anyone else. Actually, you don't have right to say that to me. It's my life, anyway. But I appreciate your sympathy.

So there, I want to be whoever I want. I don't belong to anyone anyway. You told me I am crazy, and so what? the best people are, aren't they? It's human nature to be free, and no matter how long you try to be good, you can't keep a bad girl down.

When you come back from your long journey, I want to tell you, "Here, I've been a good girl while you're gone. Isn't it time for me to get my reward, Master?"

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