Monday, March 22, 2010

a lovely present from my beloved classmate as my 19th anniversary :D

First, i never think in my age,19, i would been gived a present by my friends.
Second, i didnt believe since this morning, i would got a set of lunch-box-KEROKEROPI with other things.

This morning, suddenly Mentari Gayati called me in English class while i was stressing of midterm test. I asked her, "What?", she just gave a huge blue bag which filled by a set of KEROKEROPI lunch-box.

I gazed,,Ooohh thank you soo much my friends..i never expected will get this present.

Gimana nggak terharu-haru, sudah setua ini dapetin tempat makan gambar kartun.,.lucu banget..
Terus, di bingkisan itu tersemat kartu ucapan yang ditulis dengan huruf Arab, mau nggak mau saya harus mengejanya..

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