Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dude, just if you are a female.

I've considering why I have many thoughts at this moment.
first, my dream will come true soon (maybe this month or next month)
and i really nervous with this one
I just want to say: watch out with your dream, it seems so adorable from outside, but technically it is not. Trust me. i feel so 'ribet' with myself. Why i have to complicated?

my dream is about one thing that i was expected will make me so special than my other friends. just call me cocky if you like.

Nowdays, I can't focus in everything I've done. I always think about this thing ALL THE TIME since that message.

Dude, if you have read this blog, just let me know, or even send me a signal.

Dude, i was expecting that my first experience with a girl.
I know it was my fault, i ask in my pray to make it happen, but I'm not really ready.
you are the first, dude. What can i say?

Dude, just if you are a FEMALE i won't be so nervous.
I won't be look like an IDIOT. because i must be stutter.
I won't be delay our schedule or hiding you!!

I'M JUST NOT READY WITH MY LANGUAGE!!! please if you don't mind. please forgive me if you are disappointed by me. I just want you to understand.
I will meet you soon, because i have no reason to ignore you, just by the time, ready or not you will ask me again.

Dude, if my first experience with a girl, i don't mind if you are being second, then i no need to so nervous like now, it makes me CRAZY a lot.

Oh Jesus, i need my first experience with a FEMALE please... ( i think it was to late, my dream already in front of my eyes!!) oh shit!

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