Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love my life indeed :D

now, i don't want to curse my papers, because all my classmates already did on Facebook.

So, what I've been up to? nothing.
my classmates think I've done the papers. They are wrong! my papers just on half way to be done.

my mind is chaos, it seems like (hmm??) i can't describe it.
this week and next week my days are full of final exams. I've did a half of the exams, and next week the exams about Arabic and Bahasa changes.
I have many problem right now. MANY!!!

i cant't mention them one by one.
i'm worried about the result of my final exams, I've been learn for many days and hours.
I wish my results are satisfied.
I'm worried about something will happen to me, I'm worried about my skill, I worry everything.

I realized i have beautiful life, i love everything which come into my life even if it a disaster (such as my paper or exam).
So, why we have to grumble about the lack of our life? we just need to put in in the positive view then we will see how the things will going wonderful.

Pals, just lets make our papers as gift from Lord, done it with fun!
Somehow I can be too serious and rigid, and now I wonder no one takes this life too serious, so why I won't be?

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