Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jerk, please don't ruin my life.

few days ago, someone gave me a shit which i hate. (probably hate), this man is someone who i never met and never care and never -----
and after that, his friend offered me a shit too. I rejected him (his friend i mean).

ah, who am I? a slut? a whore? a bitch??
you are so fuckin' bastard dude!! yes, you two!!!

I am an ordinary girl, with nothing which will make you curious about me.
I'm just a tinny part of this wonderful world. Everyday I thanks to the Lord for everything that He gives me.

People is sneaking behind my back, pretend about something I'm not.
Why do they care about my life?
i have my own life which my mom doesn't know about it, and no one knows it.
I can breath today, just because i build my own dream into my own world.
i don't ask you to come into my world, i don't invite you to come or join in my mind.
just feel free if you like to know me more, but please don't change my mind or thoughts, because I will get to hate you easily.

maybe you think that I am a girl who has brilliant thoughts, its wrong!
I'm just stuck on my world and no one can't get out over me, i have no thoughts, my mind is empty.

I fill myself with the junk, so whats the matter you still wanna be my friend? dude???

please, don't do again to me, it was hurt me. you know?? maybe i look fine from outside, to tell you the truth: I AM NOT FINE. Do you clear enough, dude??

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