Friday, May 21, 2010

Lesson for today: DO NOT TRY SOUR SALLY 2 CUPS all at once. It was really horrible.

You know what the effect of that? DIARHEA aka MENCRET-MENCRET.
OK, i have to curse my mom. WHY??
first, she is the only person who offered me to join dinner at Plaza Indonesia. She tempted me if she would like to treat me a cup of Sour Sally yogurt. I can't betrayed myself when i was doing my paper, so i approved her invitation.

Then we went to Sour Sally at Plaza Indonesia. Hey, SOUR SALLY on SALE, i ordered a large cup of Melon Mint yogurt only charged 14.000 IDR. WHAT A PRICELESS!! You know why? you have to find the answer by going to the outlets.

after i finished my first cup, my mom asked me "would you like to a cup of large yogurt more?"
i dazzled, its rarely if my mom asked me like this one, so without thinking twice, i answer "Yes mom, please"

Then, I got my second large cup of Melon Mint (again!!).
by the time, i eat the sour sally by walking, because my mom asked me to dinner at Sausage World.

At Sausage World we ordered a plate fish and chips and 3 plates of French fries. I couldn't eat more, my stomach already full by yogurt! Ohh i have to curse those yogurt which were eaten.

after we had dinner, we go to downstairs. And Voila!! the stomach ache attacked my stomach. I couldn't breath.
My mom didn't want to understand me, you know what?? She asked me to watch fashion show.

Tralala, i watched fashion show about 10 minutes, and then we got home,

oh no, it was not easy like 'just back home'.
my mom have to take her friends home, so we have to go Sudirman Park first,
and then in the middle way of back home we got gridlock in Bunderan HI, oh shit i couldn't hold my ass!!

on car, i just could scream out!! I fucked my mom. You know what she was do?
She was angry with me because i wasn't polite. Argh who cares?? my ass was more important than politeness.

After the car was parked in front of home, I sprinted out to the hell,i mean toilet.

and the BOM were shouted out from my ass.

ARGG it was really sucks..

anyway, i enjoyed the view when walked in Plaza Indonesia, watched people walking with their fashion, awesome,
somehow i can love the lifestyle, somehow i could hate that one.

Please no offense, i'm not a part of the high-lifestyle, i just the gazer who love watching people's life.

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