Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have 3 month for holiday, this is not my exactly plan.

hey World. since June until August I'm free.
I don't know how to spent my holiday, it is too long. Isn't it?

Feel free if you want to ask me for hanging around.
Feel free to employed me if you have a such part-time job for silly girl.
Feel free if you want to some favor, I'd like to help you as I can effort that.

Oya, I have some plans for my holiday, but these plans are not certainty yet.
  1. Reading some novel and books which I'll borrow from library. (Okay, maybe I look like too clever, but I want to try it, and I think its good for my knowledge to being smarter.)
  2. blogging (haha, I know I write about junk-stuff)
  3. willing to write a story (which from ages always getting delayed)
  4. learn cooking everyday from my mom.
  5. learn how to swim (again) --probably in Yogyakarta
  6. learn how to ride a motorcycle (again!!) --probably in Yogyakarta.Meet up some old or new friends in downtown.
  7. watching movies from my laptop-alone- and crying over!!! ( I really excited about this!!) Okay, to tell you the truth, maybe I'm a pyscho, because I like to crying when I watched sad or romance movies. It makes me heavy.
  8. travelling to nowhere, yeah--possibly place would be Yogyakarta and around Java. Anyways, I need some people to join on my adventure, it would be great if we could be travel-mates.
That's all my currently plans, so please feel free to suggest me another great plans. I'm glad to know.

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