Thursday, June 10, 2010

I want hopelessly crush on you, but sorry It's too hard.

Billion things I like in these world.
I like yogurt, Gossip Girl, True Blood, 92010, cheese, Skins, burger, shoes, dress, sunshine, fullmoon, stars, rainbow, beaches, museums, tarot, pillow, lollipop, bike-cycle, raining,

and the most thing I like is liking you.

Sorry, I can't stand for this.

I'd asked to myself, and it didn't allowed me to crush on you or something.

Maybe I'm psycho, I always have trouble with crush-thing or something like that.

I tried, I knew I could. But I don't want to look the effect of crushing with someone.

just make my heart happy. That's it! Its what I need right now. Do you understand??

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