Friday, July 2, 2010

reporting from Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Temple.

Last Friday night, I attended to Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Temple with my auntie and cousin. What is Ramayana Ballet? It is open air theater, and as I know this show is special because only held when full moon.

This Ramayana Ballet is very unique and wellknow, it is presented approximately by 200 dancers. The entire Ramayana Epic is consisted of 4 episodes, each night episode is presented from 7.30 pm till 9.30 pm.
and I watched first episode which titled is "The Lost of Dewi Shinta".

here the summary of the ballet: In his exile, Rama is wandering with his beautiful wife in the forest, accompanied by his faithful younger brother Leksmana. At the time they are comforting each other to ease themselves from their grief and misery, a golden deer which is the incarnation of the giant Marica, one of Rahwana’s envoys whose task is tempting Shinta, suddenly appears.

Shinta is quite enchanted by the deer and asks Rama’s permission to catch it. Rama tells Leksmana to guard Shinta and leave her in no circumstances. Rama is waiting while Shinta and Leksmana are trying to catch the deer. Shinta and Leksmana stop running as they hear Rama’s voice calling for help. It is as if it was Rama’s voice but actually it is Marica’s which tries to attract Shinta’s attention. Because of her great concern about Rama’s safety, Shinta begs Leksmana to go back and help his brother. Remembering Rama’s request, Leksmana refuses to leave Shinta making Shinta accuses him of having an evil intention, he takes Shinta by force. Along the way she drops her jewelry one by one with the hope that they can serve as a guide for Rama to trace her.

A big bird, called Jatayu, who is a faithful friend of Rama’s father, sees what has happened to Shinta while he is flying high in the sky. He soon helps Shinta. In his fight against Rahwana, Jatayu is badly wounded and fells down on earth. Rama and Leksmana find him when he is dying; nevertheless, he is able to explain what has happened. Then while they both rush to go after Shinta, they meet an army of apes led by Sugriwa, the red ape. There are also other ape leaders: the white ape, Hanoman, the blue ape, Hanila, the venerable ape Jembaran. Sugriwa tells Rama about his twin ubali who has ill-treated him and asks him for help to punish Subali. As compensation, Sugriwa promises Rama to help him in his quest for Shinta. Therefore, when Sugriwa and Subali are fighting, Rama directs his arrow to Subali and kills him.

I saw many foreigners with their DSLR captured this show.
I had some disappointed:
first: the MC greeted to the audience in English first then in Bahasa. HEY MAN!! it is WRONG!! Indonesia is our country so please while speaking in front of public you have to announce it in Bahasa, and then English. It means that you don't have any respect for our country. And foreigners will think that Indonesians don't have integrity of their language. Oh, man you make me sad, :(

Second, the dancers seemed not too professional enough, I saw in many scenes they did not compact. and i didn't feel any spirit in every moves. ah too bad.

but, after all, I was happy, I appreciate to the show, its Indonesian culture heritage, watching this show means you participate and care with Indonesian culture. So, if you have spare time, you need to go to this kind of show. Really worth it!!

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