Saturday, August 7, 2010

My house had saved from fire

Yesterday morning, 6th August 2010

06.30 AM, at living room

Me: "Hello?"
My Neighbour : "Wheres your mom?"
Me: "Upstairs."
My Neighbour: "Alf, there is black smoke from behind your house, lets go outside! the house behind yours is burning!!"
Me: "What????"
I ended the call.

I went to upstairs while my mom was cooking for breakfast, "Mom!! the house behind us is burning!!"
My mom: "Call the fireman"--with her flat-face
Me: "Ha? whats the number?"
My mom: "Idk" ( i hate her calm-down-face-like nothing will happen by second)
Me: "argghh...okay, I'll asked yellow pages."
And I got the fireman number from yellow pages, the number is 113.

My mom didnt looked so worried as me, we hurried to save important documents, such as: birth certificates, diplomats certificates, and so on. I got out from our house only brought my laptop, mobile phones, and my important certificate, i didnt care about anything else, I dont care my clothes or my another important stuffs. I said to Saint Marry "Whatever is going to happen just let it pass, I surrender all this to You, everything is Yours, God."

I took my rosary, and I wonder I never feel the fair, and I was not worried. Oh, thanks Jesus!!

the smoke from in from of building which burned.
16 Fireman cars putted out the fire.
the smoke from behind the building.
this building is my house, and directly from behind this house is burning by fire. WHAT A SCARY!!

okay, thanks God, at 9.30 the fire was putted out. and my house had saved. Praise you the Lord.

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