Thursday, September 16, 2010

the reasons why I can't go out more often at night time.

Dear friends,

I'm sorry if I often do not attend your party or events.
I'm sorry if I often reject any important meetings.
Or, I'm sorry if I often suddenly cancel our appointment in the last second.

I'm so sorry. I don't meant them.
I have some explanations behind those all.
first, I live in that house. not my house-- my mom's boss. My mom and I are living with the boss and her family. Yes, I'm a servant since I understood what kind of my mom's job is.
I can't go out from that house in the night time. Actually, I can go out sometimes, but I have the limit late hours which is no more.
Maybe this reason doesn't make sense for you. But, it works for me.
We're living with that family almost 17 years, and as my exchange I need to serve my life to the Boss. Sounds like slavery? yes, it is!
So, if you want to ask me out, the first thing you have to think about are the time and the date, I'm available at noon, because i have reason to go to campus (so I can see you after class) :)
if weekend, probably I can't, My mom's boss is busy with church-thing, so she needs my helps.

the good news is if my mom's boss isn't at that house (going to abroad) Naaahh.. I can see you anytime, I can go out late :)
but, it rarely happen. :(

Oya, one more reason why I often suddenly cancel my appointment in the last second:
The boss often suddenly asks me to do something which I can't reject (yeah, just because I don't want to hear any complaints from her).

For example, I was ready to go out for important meeting with my campus friends (we're doing project at campus) , but while I was stepping my foots out of the door, she yelled my name, "Alfiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, please blablabalablabla.... would you?"

and, yeah, I remember I'm just a servant, so I was back inside that house. "Yes, Madam. Is there anything I can help?" ask me with politely.
enough for this confession, I don't hate my life, I'm trying to live in it. I also try to step out from this situation, I'll reach my dreams. soon. yes, soon.
I'm not complaining. I'm grateful. I know behind this all, there is good things for me. I believe God never sleeps. And mother Marry always listens to my pray. Amen.



Anonymous said...

Hello Alfi, oh God I really don't know about your situation. I've always thought that my life is worse than anyone and now I got an example of a so-called worse life than mine. How come you and your mom stay in your mom's boss' house?

gypsyholic said...
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gypsyholic said...

Hello Jude, because my Dad passed away when I was 4 y o, and then the boss offered us to stay together, and because my mom had already working with her before my mom married.

and, yeah i believe there are many people which have more suck life than mine, or yours.

remember: di atas langit masih ada langit. :)