Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Crisis of Thesis Phase: Why people is hard to understand my thesis-topic? #2

hey there,

Today I went to the campus for discussing my thesis-progress with my lecturer.
So, how was it?
It was fun, it was nice, it was fine, it was just like another discussion with him before.
We had almost FOUR (4) hours been talking!!!! FOUR HOURS!! the longest conversation with a lecturer of the year! 

I thought I would been enlightened. I'm wrong! From what I have today, it seems the ecocriticism as an approach is not well-known in my academic-sphere. So, I need another extra effort to make people understands with my ideas, my topic, my thesis. 

and on the train station, I met my classmate, her thesis is about gender. She asked me what does ecocriticsm sounds like? 
I was too tired to explain it to her, since I was very tired after having a convo with my lecturer, hehe really sorry for her. Next time better to follow my blog rather than talk to me.

And if you don't understand what I'm talking about right now, better to visit  #1 part first. click here

Now I'm so tired, I have no energy for up to anything, I just want to go to sleep, having a good dream about travelling. anywhereeeeee....


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