Friday, April 15, 2016

My first study trip with Devine to Rotterdam

Yeay, Rotterdam again! This trip was my second visit to Rotterdam. What is the best part of going to Rotterdam? Well, for me is Indonesian foods :)

Last Tuesday I went to Rotterdam with my school. I woke up at 4 am, and took the train to another city at 5.11 am and arrived on the meeting point at 6 am. There were 4 big buses. And the bus has a lavatory. So, that is good for me who always needs to pee a lot. And we were in Rotterdam around 10 am. It was little bit traffic between Gent and Antwerp.

The first stop was Fotomuseum.  We were divided into groups, not everyone goes to fotomuseum. There are another options. And since I already visited Rotterdam last time, so I decided to go to fotomuseum. It was interesting. There was a guide who explained to us the installations. If I had to go here alone without the guide, I must be like "Why is that like that? Why is this like this?" So many weird things in museums, so that is handy if you have a guide to explain it to you.

#Lunch with old friend
Last time I went to The Hague, we met up with Crystal, she is a friend from my university in Indonesia. And now we meet up again in Rotterdam for lunch. While the other friends went to KFC, and Crystal and I had lunch in Chinese-Suriname-restaurant, where we ate Chinese Nasi Goreng. I've been here before, and I always like their nasi goreng. Crystal's fav is at another place, I should try there someday.

Chinese Nasi Goreng at Kim Foei

#Hunting Indonesian products 
Across Kim Foei restaurant, there are 2 asian supermarkets. They sell many Indonesian products, so I bought Semprong cookies, Teh Botol (Jasmine tea), and instant noodles.

# Bubble Tea and talking-talking :D
While the other friends had Belgian beers in Witte de Withstraat, Crystal and I were having bubble teas close to the central station. My motto is "Try things that you couldn't find in Belgium". So we ended here at Yoyo.

Crystal had to go back to Leiden, so here we are, taking selfie first before saying goodbye!

#Walking around until 7pm 
So after short catching up with Crystal, I joined with my peer, and we walked around here and there, saw many things until my back and my legs were tired. Then we went back to our bus at 7pm. We arrived in Kortrijk at 10.10 pm. And I arrived home at 12pm. And I had to wake up the day after at 6am. And I had an exam. And I hadn't study for that. Oh crap!

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