Saturday, August 20, 2016

Getting Lost in the Park

Yesterday I was lost in the park. I couldn't control myself. I like being lost like that.
And you must be curious, how come?

Yesterday I sat alone on a bench in the park. I tried to read a novel that I brought from home. But I couldn't focus. Perhaps I was a bit nervous to see you.

And there you are! You were late like 15 minutes. I don't mind. You gave me a reckless kiss on my cheek.

"Oops, sorry" you said.

Tree! My first impression about you. Light brown hair, hazel eyes, long nose,  and long legs. I feel like being Tinkerbell with you.

Then we talked about trips, relationships, people, work, anything basically that come to mind.
At some point, we ran out of topics. And you looked me in the eye. Deep.

And there where I got lost. In your eyes. I don't know what drove us crazy? Is it because of the silent benches? or the rustling trees? Your heart beats so fast. Was it because too excited or ... ah I'm not sure. The other side I was chill. Perhaps because the wind blews so hard.

I do enjoy to listen all your crazy stories and your long gaze. But you leave me so many questions about myself. I am not sure about me. Because I was lost in my excitement.

Shall we do it again sometime? Because I like being lost and never found :)

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