Friday, December 2, 2016

Attending a play in Dutch for the first time

Before the play
Last week I went to a theater with school. The title was "De Warme Winkel speelt De Warme Winkel". It costs 8 euros for the ticket. I have never been to any theater in Dutch, so that was something new for me. 

This was taken when I sat. 

So, how was it?
It was fun, it was okay, I didn't get some of the jokes because of the language barrier, or just because their Hollands accent was pretty strong. It was creative in some way, I admit. 

But I found it was too long, too intense, (on Cafe Muller part). But I did still enjoy it. I did enjoy their Cafe Muller more than they did their talks. 

In the future, I might go more often to the plays in Dutch/Flemish, so that I will get used to it.

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