Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kiwi,oh Kiwi, I wish I could eat you everyday

Kiwi, kiwi, wiki, wiki, why you have to be so tasty? its hard for me to ignore you!!
See? do you like Kiwi? yes a lot. Look, it look strange outside, but has a huge vit C which good and healthy for your body. its soo yummy and fresh!!
Kiwi is the most fruit i love to die.

God, let me fly and live in NZ, then i can eat Kiwi as much as i could everyday. everyday.
and Jesus, let I have a Kiwi's tree at my house, so when i'm hungry i just pick it from tree.
Hail Marry, mother of God, may I just eat Kiwi everyday?

and thanks to my holly mom, for a couple of days she bought me a tons of Kiwi. I'm sooooo glad!!!! I ate kiwis a lot these days, but now its all gone to my stomach. orgh,, a tons of kiwi never enough for me,, im addicted!! just let me eat it everyday.
I dunno why i love kiwi so much, its tastes so damn delicious. OMG!! my mouth couldn't stop to bite it.

In any dessert it always fit in.

when you kiss someone, and he tasted like a kiwi, omg!! let me know, i want to try him also. hahaa.

just if i could eat kiwi one kilograms per day.

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