Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome to the 3rd semester!!

after I had holiday for 3 months, and now its gonna over.
Huaaa... I feel happy, exicted, and also very sad at the same time.

So, 30th August I'll back to campus again, it means tomorrow, attend some classes, start to earn money from selling DVDs, and so on.
no more lazy, no more fun, no more sleeping in the daytime, its time for work hard again!!
argh, its time for study and study, paper and paper, cramming and cramming, essays and essays, and a large task of crappy assigment to be done.

I still like a half way to dreams on my sleeping that tomorrow I'll back into my real life.
yes, campus life is my real life, I feel alive by doing my paper and study hard. I'd like to push myself for studying.
I have a huge energy to start my 3rd semester, I have big passion for it!! and ready to the real battle!!!
What I like from campus' life are seeing new sophmores, meeting my classmates and friends, reading books and spend a whole my daytime at library, selling movies of course, and doing my assignments.
this semester I take 7 classes, which are:

Monday: Drama class, Creative Writing class, and Javanese class,
Tuesday: Morphology class, and Manuscripts Reading class,
Wednesday: Drama class, Creative Writing class, and Italian class,
Thursday: Indonesian Cultures class, and Morphology class.

I'm free every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. :)

okay, thats is for now, I'm going to learning Italian after this from Internet. Io parlare Italiano. ahahahaha...

I wish this semester will be a lot of fun and experiences fill my day. And, I hope I can get higher GPA better than last semester.
ciao, adios,

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