Friday, September 17, 2010

Dad, I promise to make you smile at me.

Dear Dad,
its me again.Your lovely daughter. Am I bothering you?
I wish Jesus allows you to check your email. :)
Whats up there? Is there any news in heaven? ;)

its been long time I didn't write a letter for you. I miss you.

Well, lately I posted some sad stories about my day, I don't want to talk about my shit life, such this post. I'll zipped my mouth to tell my crappy pain. You no need to know about this.

sometimes bad, sometimes good. I try to forget my bad day, and I always keep my good days in memories.

I wrote this for telling you that I'm fine. You no need to worry. You no need to come at my mom's dream (BTW, why you never come to my dream?).
I realize the most beautiful days were when you was alive.
Since you left us, many great things that have happened in my life.
Such: getting scholarships for my studies, and they help my mom a lot in our financial.
I got scholarships since I was in elementary school. First was from church, and second was from the school itself.
I get a good education. I studied in Catholic private school (1st--9th grade) and fortunately I got the scholarship from church (as you know private school is more expensive than public school), then when I was in high school I moved to public school, and thanks to Jesus, I graduated from a high school which is one of the best public school in Jakarta, because my high school have standardized as International school.
(or at least my high school was being runner up for the cleanest high school in Indonesia at 2007)
after graduated from high school, I applied a scholarship. and praise to the Lord, yeah I got it! I received a scholarship from the best university in our country, yes, Dad, its University of Indonesia.
Do you know how much I had to pay per semester? only Rp200.000 whilst the others pay for Rp2.000.000 or more. Oya, this semester I also got a government scholarship, but the money isn't delivered to my account bank yet. Well, I'm not smart, but I'm still trying hard to get there.

Dad, I have many fabulous friends. Many of them come from high society, they are kind to me. They do not discriminate me because of my financial status, or because of I'm a Indonesian (most of my friends are Indo-Chinese). Yeah, I rarely hang out with them, but doesn't mean I lost contact with them. When I had my free time, I usually hang out, dinner, or whatever.

Dad, you no need to think about our financial, fortunately, My mom and I do not run short of money at all. We always get enough sustenance.
I can earn my money by myself. My first job was being a young journalist for a local newspaper. I met famous people, I interviewed them, and it was awesome, and unforgettable moment.
this picture was taken when I interviewed Mellisa Karim, an actress.

after resigned from that newspaper, I'm selling pirated DVDs by online, and I'm also selling them at my campus. Its profit can use to buy new novel (as you know your wife is quite stingy about money ) Sometimes, I'm also be a tutor for kids, teaching math or any kind of subjects.

Dad, do you know how I'm excited to go abroad? Have I told you before? In 2007 I won writing competition, and I got free ticket for visiting schools in Singapore. How cool that was.

Dad, you know live with that--if i could I say--a rich family, they introduced me to the luxurious life. They taught me about branded stuffs such as how to distinguish between the original Louis Vuitton or the fake one. Sometimes, They brought me to many superb-deluxe-restaurants. Occasionally, they also give me branded stuffs such GAP, Guess, Zara, Mango, etc. (if you see me wearing Mango, it must be come from anyone else, not paid from my pocket. )
Yes, actually the Boss and her family could be kind to us. and in other time they could be very grumpy. I don't care, as long as I'm happy.

Dad, Are you tired reading my awful confessions? Okay, from what I was written I just wanna make sure that I'm really fine. period.
I'll reach my goals, bring my mom and myself to a better life, leaving at that house soon. When the moment it comes, you will smile at me from up there , and being proud of me.

Love, kisses, and hugs,
your daughter,

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