Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When we went to cinema

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If I'm not wrong, there were only three times we went to cinema together. 

First time, 
It was for a thriller movie, a German one. During the movie, you whispered softly, telling me that you have been to Russia. And you told me the story about a Russian policeman. Then, there was a scene which shocked me, and I held your arms by coincidence. Right away I removed my hand when I realized it. And I couldn't recall until now, there was a point where you held my hand, and kiss  the top of my arm. You tried to kiss me on the lips, but I wasn't up for that. So you just held my hand. It was warm, as warm as your hugs. I was wondering what was on your mind when you held my hand? why did you do that? you left me so confused. It was so confusing for me, but I felt something. 

Second time, 
We had no plans after work, so  we decided to go to cinema again. We watched a movie about racing cars. I ordered us a matcha latte, because you insisted to buy me the cinema ticket. The matcha latte made me to go to toilet twice. Damn you matcha! Not just matcha, but you made me also. Did you know that?
Like the first time, you held my hand, this time longer, and firm. I just guessed you like to play with my hand, so I let you. I don't know what triggers made you suddenly want to kiss me? Why couldn't you just sit still and watch the movie? Because I was so focused on the movie, until I was aware that you were watching my face, and our eyes met. You came closer, and closer to my face. and we kissed. Maybe that was my first kiss in the cinema. 
and you seemed enjoy the kiss, so I was the one to say we should continue watching. Was the movie so bad??

Third time, 
and also the last time. I felt sad, because I knew this would be our last time going to cinema together. I don't know if you realized that. This time we watched Hollywood movie again, a superhero one. We sat in the very back, I didn't know why you chose that, until I found your fingers somewhere else. I don't know why you were so naughty? I ever worked for that cinema, and I knew where they place the camera, and when you were busy on me, I felt a little bit uncomfortable, someone was watching us, but who cares, right? I was so fuck*ng wet. Damn you! 

Do you still remember these moments? cause I still do. These moments are like the movie itself, when it stops, then the life goes on. Sometimes I'm still curious why we did that or why you did that? why I did that? It just happened. But I want more prose to understand these moments with you. 

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