Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

How was your NYE?
Mine was simple, we were making waffles, playing cards, and after that I was watching Mozart in The Jungle, season 2. Nothing specials right? 

How do you feel about new year?
I feel kind of sad, actually. Because I don't think I've done much last year, so I felt like I wasted my time. 

What were your achievements in 2015? 
Me? not much, I finished my book challenge, I read 35 books last year. Not that much right? I'm so disappointed. 
I finished my Dutch classes, and now I attend college in Belgium, and I start to learn new things (digital design & programming). Let's see if this year I could survive there. 

And have you make any resolutions for 2016 yet?
Last year I didn't make any, so this year I decided to write one. 

I don't write many goals. I think 4 items are already too many :P

Basically, my target are for more productive, more  sportive, more enthusiast. 

So there!

Have a nice holiday!

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