Friday, January 1, 2016

My first dream in 2016

Last night I got a dream.

And it started with cookies. 

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I was in a small traditional shop, the one like in an Indonesian traditional market. There were cookies that are sold based on how much do you take. 

At first, I ate one cookie to taste, so it was free. But the seller was looking at me like I am a thief. And then I took another kind of cookie. It was tasty. But I felt not so good, if I don't buy a thing from him. 

So I decided to look inside in the back of the shop. I found out that the seller sells secondhand clothes. Next to a pile of second hand clothes was there a rack of greeting cards. 

What surprises me is the price tag in Belgian Frank. On my dream, I saw a card cost 300 frank, and I don't know how I came with the conclusion that the price is 8 euro. When I woke up, I checked that 300 frank equals around 7.5 euro. Pretty close! So it is weird for me, because I never use Frank in my life, or never think about frank, but it appeared on my dream. 

So back to my dream, I was looking for a card that cost less than 2 euro. And I found one. It was a card without letters in it. So I asked the seller if he has one with greeting sentences. And he said, yes, but it was at his house. 

So he went to his house, which was a castle. And I followed him.
Next to his castle where he lives, he had an abandoned house where he kept all the greeting sentences. 

When he entered the abandoned house, I waited from outside. There was a gate that was opened from the house. And not so long after that, I saw a white fox coming out. 

I panicked. The fox ran to me. And I screamed, because I don't like animals (on my dream). And the fox was shocked by my screaming, and he went inside the gate. 

He ran again to me. But this time he was more fierce than the first time. 
I was so afraid if he would attack me. And he did. But while I was fighting with the fox, there was a dog coming over to us, and the dog took care of me, and was fighting with the fox until the fox went back to where he belongs. 

And the seller came out from the abandoned house, with a greeting sentence, it says "Happy New Year". But there was blood on his forehead. When I asked why, he said he bumped into the wooden ceiling, because inside the house it was really messy and he couldn't see it very clearly. 

So that was my first dream in 2016. 
I don't know why I remember my dream these days. 

how about your first dream?

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